Promotion Confirmed


While manager Wayne Scott is working hard to ensure fortunes improve on the pitch, Carlton Town Chairman Mick Garton is determined to ensure things improve off the pitch and his first target is the car park.

"We need to spend money on the Car Park, the winter weather as seen to that, but it is no secret that we have no surplus cash"

"Because of a clause in our lease , we have not been able to get a penny in grants over the years, we have had to raise every single pound ourselves and it is frustrating when you see some of the huge grants other clubs have benefitted from"

"That comment is not made to criticise other clubs because if we had been able to get funding we would have done, but the reality is painful and makes it hard work constantly working to bring money in to pay the bills and I am grateful to our wonderful committee members and sponsors who contribute on an ongoing basis "

"We raised the money for the Defibrillator last season and this season, the car park needs our help, it was something Paul Shelton wanted to get his teeth into before he sadly died and something I now need to work hard on to improve"

" I am delighted to announce that we will be holding a special event in April over and above our budgeted fund raising and all the money raised will go on improving the car park"

"Former Nottingham Forest goalkeeping legend and Cheif scout under Brian Clough, Alan Hill has already proved to be one of the best ever speakers at Stoke Lane and he has agreed to return to the ground for a special event to celebrate the 40 year anniversary of Brian Clough and Peter Taylor leading Nottingham Forest to their one and only top flight original Division One Championship win 40 years ago"

"Alan will not take a fee and wants every pound raised to help our football club, what a fantastic gesture from a fine man" said the Chairman.

The event will be held on a Friday night in April and as a result, Carltons usual summer fund raising dinner is set to be pushed back to September with the Christmas Luncheon going ahead probably on Friday 7th December.

Further details are set to be announced regarding this special fund raiser, but this website understands the Chairman has had an outstanding response to personal pleas of support and that he is looking to fill all 90 places for what will be a very special April evening. 


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