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A few evenings ago I got a text from Mick Garton (Carlton Town’s Chairman) asking me to pop round to his house to help plan this year’s Beer Festival. A bit early I thought, the festival isn’t until July, however I went to see Mick.” The Beer Festival is in 18 days” he said, “we need to get a move on, there’s lots to do”.


He’s right, there is a lot to do but panicking won’t help. The festival is scheduled for 23rd and 24th June just under 2 weeks away. The first thing we did was we dug out all our documents and information from last year and started to plan what will be Carlton Town’s third (annual?) Beer, Cider and Sausage Festival.


We looked at what worked in 2016 and at any comments we had received and a plan started to form. First and foremost there was the beer and cider, Mick wanted to support the local breweries again so we looked through our beer lists and decided to try and get a mix of old favourites as well as some new stuff. Last year the sausages were a real success but we forgot a vegetarian option, this would be put right this year and alongside a vegetarian choice we would again get a varied selection of traditional sausages from local butchers. We looked at our costings and decided that we could keep prices at last year’s level (beer and cider £3.00 a pint and free admission) Then there was all the addition stuff to think about, posters to prepare and distribute, websites to update, articles to write, programmes to design and print. The list went on.


But at Carlton Town we like a challenge so everyone set to and started sorting things out. What will the result of this be? Well we hope it will be another great festival. We open at 5:00 pm on Friday 23rd June (and again at 5:00 pm on Saturday 24th June) and there will be a great choice of beers, ciders and sausages for all the family. So come down to Carlton Town’s ground on Stoke Lane on the Friday and Saturday and sample a beer or two and some sausages but most of all, enjoy yourselves.

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