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Carlton Town Chairman Mick Garton returned from holiday this week and immediately set about finalising the clubs Beer Festival weekend which also takes in the Tommy Brookbanks reunion event.

Garton met with Real Ale expert Dave Parsons on his return and the two of them are working on securing a return of the best selling Ales from 2016 along with a whole new range of options from local breweries!

The most popular Sausages from Clive Lancaster will return to the menu this year with best selling Lamb and Mint and Lincolnshire Sausage at the head of that list.

This website can exclusively reveal there will be 2 Castle Rock Ale Sausages at this years event and Baked Potatoes are set to be on the menu for the first time!

There will be a new favourite Beer or Cider vote at this years festival with a winner announced and a a prize awarded to one of the voters in a random draw.

Admission is free to to the event again this year and tokens will once again be only £1.50 which buys half a pint of beer meaning only £3 a pint for all 20 options and slightly cheaper if buying 7 tokens.

The make up is expected to be 16 Real Ales and 4 Ciders so the club are looking for 20 Supporters/ sponsors to donate either £25 to support a pin or £50 to support a firkin.

The Beer Festival section of this website will be updated in the coming days with a full list of beers , the club are also looking for the same support for the 7 choices of Sausages and the Roast potatos at £25 each and Commercial manager Brian Dennett and the Chairman himself are starting that search today.

Sausage prices will be frozen at last years price of £2 with onions in a hot dog roll or 3 Sausages in a tray at £5, a tray of Roast potatoes will be only £2 or you will be able to get 2 Sausages and Roast Potatoes in a tray also at £5.

There will be a discount on 7 Beer tokens for Camra members which will be sold at £1.50 each or 7 for £10 or 7 for £9.50 for Camra members.

One of the clubs key sponsors Castle Rock like last year, will be coming and setting up the event for The Millers and the club are grateful for their support for both this and the Ian Storey-Moore event the week before.

To support a Pin, Firkin or Sausage option, contact Brian Dennett on 07979 647559 or speak to the Chairman! 

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