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Carlton Town Chiefs Mick Garton and Jamie Baddeley have paid tribute after 768 people attended the Millers Firework Extravaganza at Stoke Lane.

Garton and Baddeley oversaw the Nottingham Forest signing and photo session with Matty Cash and Dani Pinillos and both told us how proud they were to be Forest fans and Carlton Chair Chiefs after one of the best ever nights at Stoke Lane.

Garton spoke first and told us " I made a point of ringing John McGovern on Saturday morning to thank him for organising to send two cracking lads, they were an absolute credit to Nottingham Forest and made me proud to be a supporter, I said the same of Chris Cohen and Britt Assombalonga last year and we are lucky over the last year to have met 4 such down to earth genuine guys who the fans can be proud of"

"I would also like to thank everyone who attended, the turnout was amazing and benefited local schools as well as the football club and it as helped us pay a chunk off the emergency loan we had to take out when our main mower packed up a few weeks ago" 

Baddeley was equally pleased and told us " The attitude of the Forest lads meant everything to people attending, particularly to the youngsters whom they had selfies with and helps more youngsters fall in love with football, it really was a positive thing for them to do and I told them as they left some 2 hours after they had arrived how much we all appreciated it" 

"To back up what Mick said , I thought the turnout was amazing, the mix of rides put on by Dave Cox and his team just perfect and it was one of those nights when you were proud to be Chairman"

Both Chairman told us they had nothing but positive feedback about the fireworks, the support from local Councillors who had got behind this big community event and even the Fudge stall got lots of positive mentions, hopefully Fudge Glorious Fudge will be back next year along with Castle Rock and Clive Lancaster and his sausages, it was a special night indeed and one where the on site Paramedics could sit enjoy a Coffee and report no incidents to attend to, everyone seemed happy and safe and smiling and that at the end of the day is something both Chairman can be proud of !

Carltons Press officer Josh Hodgson got comfortable on the sofa with the two Nottingham Forest stars to discuss their injury progress, Forests start to the season, their idols growing up, Forests Academy and even their respective national sides and it makes for compelling listening and is now downloaded to Millers Radio!

One thing stuck out like a sore thumb, they are both honoured and proud to play for the former European Champions and from Forests point of view, the sooner they are fit and available, Forest may have a better chance of climbing the table, that is certainly the opinion at Carlton Town, who also have a bit of climbing to do themselves after a poor start to the season, for one night though , everyone was smiling at Stoke Lane!

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