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Carlton Town committee man Mark Steggles paid tribute to Supporters Club Chief Alan Murphy after he had made a moving speech during the Chairmans 15th Aniversary celebrations at Stoke Lane.

"Alan spoke brilliantly, it was a fantastic speech and Mick looked very moved by his words" said Steggles 

Garton was joined at the event by current manager Wayne Scott and former managers Tommy Brookbanks and Les Mcjannet who all posed with Garton in the goal mouth where both Bill Stokeld and Chuck Fowlers ashes are scattered, it was a poignant moment indeed not lost on Garton and Tommy Brookbanks who had worked at length with both of them. 

Former Junior Chairman and later Academy Director Kev Randall , former Reserve team manager and Academy manager Ian Spencer, Former Director of Youth Football Daryl Claypole and former club Physios Martin Jephson and Stuart Scott all attended the event along with club legends Ian White and Grant Brindley

We spoke exclusively to the Chairman after the event and he gave us and in depth statement .

"I only wish I had invited more heroes of our club, I went through my phone and invited everyone I am still in touch with but there are so many more I would have loved to have been there and Tommy said to me, I should have asked him to get in touch with others who would willingly have come along, I should have done and that is my only regret, it was fantastic to see old colleagues and friends we had achieved so much with"

"Project Stadium 2005 was probably our greatest achievement when we raised 20k in one night towards improving the ground and Daryl was the driving force behind that, Ian Spencer was instrumental in helping secure the 3G pitches and Kev was the key partner in creating Carlton Town"

"All 3 of them were driven by developing youth and along with the fantastic support of Stuart Scott and Reece Pemberton, we were able to get Carlton Town on the map, particularly with the trip to Holland when we won a major youth trophy, the first under my tenure as Chairman with the Academy side"

"Success with Tommy Brookbanks had already begun with promotion in 2002/2003 and better was to come in 2005/2006 and 2006/2007 as we moved up the pyramid"

"Both Tommy and Les took us to the Playoffs and Les led the team to their highest ever pyramid finish in that 2011/2012 season before we lost to Leek on Penalties after losing a two goal lead"

"Les brought closure for me on one big Achilles heel when we finally won the Notts Senior Cup final in 2012/2013 and then retained it in 2013/2014" 

"I enjoyed my spell as Academy Manager for one year too, gaining promotion in my one and only season as a manager, working alongside my very close friend Gary Hallam and later Daryl Claypole whom I learnt so much from"

"Jeppo and Pam probably made me laugh more than anyone else during these years, although Tommy was up there for that as well, although it was a rollercoaster with him at times mainly in a good way, Les was a smoother ride for the most part and although a passionate Scotsman, he was an excellent tactition at his best while Brookbanks was either Brave or reckless depending on your take, but he delivered and it has been an incredible journey and both managers brought us excellent success and I am delighted they both joined me for this event and it has been an absolute pleasure to have worked with both of them and their assistants and back room staff who all played a part in the history of this fantastic club"

"My first task 15 years ago was to secure floodlights and I was proud to be able to get Jo and Twiggy and 96 Tent FM down to the ground with full match coverage of a fantastic evening  when Paul Hart was good enough to bring down a Nottingham Forest side to us on the 9th October 2001, pretty much exactly 15 years ago and we attracted over 600 into the ground for the first time, we have since surpassed that hosting Notts County"

"I would like to thank everyone who attended, in particular Alan for his moving speech and to Gaz Bee and Josh Hodgson for providing the entertainment, to my fantastic family for their support and to wonderful club Stawlarts Paul Shelton and Roger Smith for what they have done and continue to do for the club"

"It is also a pleasure to work alongside the likes of excellent new Vice Chairman Paul King, the best Commercial manager anybody could wish for in Brian Dennett and superb Clubmen such as Lou Lardi, Tim Bee, Mark Steggles , Bob Sharp, Chris Bailey, Greg Last, Trevor Wells, Phil Jennings and Daniel Lord and all the bar team led by Jamie and Becky, I have a lot of time and respect for Darren, Steve and all Waynes coaching staff, who like him are a pleasure to work with and like the Commiitee all give up their time to make this club work"

"Finally the players who have represented the club over the last 15 years and our fantastic supporters led by Alan and everyone in the Junior section led by Jamie, Paul and Kendra and the Sponsors who have also played a massive part in making the last 15 years possible, I salute you all!"

"It is funny but I stood back during part of the evening and remembered conversations I had been privallaged to have over the years with Ian Spencer about values, principales, fighting for a small club against those outside that would undermine us or disrespect us, but having the guts to stand up inside the camp against anyone who had his own agenda and was part of the problem, not the solution, they are principles I know our manager Wayne Scott holds dear and as Wayne continues to gain experience, hopefully it will not be too long before we are once again punching above our weight, something, Danny Elliots family were definitely doing on the dance floor as they exploded into life as my celebration came to an end"

"Thankyou to you all from the bottom of my heart, WE CONTINUE!"




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