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Carlton Town Chairman Mick Garton and pool partner Tom Nightingale retained their trophy for the second year mainly due to the brilliance of Nightingale, yes Garton had his moments with 2 or 3 wonderful clearances but Nightingale took his game to another level, punishing any mistake in ruthless fashion to help take the main event 27-10.

Bee and Galbraith had their moments, Bee winning the Killer competition and the time challenge to pip the Chairman and Galbraith who both came in under 2 minutes.

Galbraith was brilliant in the clearance section with 2 scores of 18 and one of 19 to win that by some distance.

There were guest players who called in during the day and Mark Steggles made the biggest impact with some outrageous shots to defeat Bee and Gailbraith before repeating the feat against Garton and Nightingale with his pool partner Josh Hodgson who stayed for the duration.

Steggles puffed out his chest after the thundering black against Bee and Gailbraith like the warrior he is, one for the cameras indeed!

Steggles unfortunately would give neither of his openents a rematch, although he did make a further donation to the fund before swanning off into the winter to tell stories of his great feat. 

All walks of people connected with the club popped in throughout the day to make donations and help take the money raised to over 1k and show their support and a decent number either stayed or turned up later for the brilliant Alan Roome quiz and Alexs 80s set on the decks which went down well to.

There was a final tournament held in the last hour as the crowd swelled to see if Bee in particular who was at his vocal best, could take control from Nightingale, but it was not to be as he continued in the same vain with he and Garton running out 7-3 winners.

Speeches followed from the emotional Bee before the chairman said a few words and the music began, Nightingale retired to the corner to down another Elsie Mo while Garton and Gailbraith steadied themselves for the quiz, Greg Last and his team had the last word on that one.

For Bee, another year of planning and plotting, for Steggles, stories of an electrifying moment that will go down in folklore and that we will never hear the last of, but for Carlton Town Football Club, it was the satisfaction of another outstanding fund raiser which helps and allows the club to remain competitive and at the heart of the Nottinghamshire sporting community. 

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