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Carlton Town chairman Mick Garton as spoken for the first time about the change of manager at Stoke Lane and admitted he accepted Les Mcjannets resignation with a heavy heart but knows it is probably the right decision going forward and is committed to the decision made by the clubs executive Commitee to appoint Wayne Scott.

" It was hard to accept it was the end of the journey with Les but the bottom line is that results had tailed off badly this season after a great 4 years and that is what managers live or die by at the end of the day and I accept it was the right decision for him to stand down."

" We will give him a great send off on May 8th as we did with Tommy, he has done a fantastic job at this football club but now it is the turn of somebody else and Wayne received tremendous backing at last weeks board meeting"

" We need to embrace youth , it is the way we plan to move forward and with his track record with both Basford and ourselves with younger players, he deserves this chance"

"His enthusiastic pitch for the job after it became clear that Les was on his way as impressed me and he accepts our financial limitations which is obviously vital as we do not want to go the way of some of our neighbours in recent times"

"He had strong support from key people on our Commitee and that came across in a powerfull way at last weeks meeting , I met him on Friday and spent over 2 hours with him learning more about his life and values which will obviously be relevant as he takes on the management of this club "

"When we had the follow up meeting on Monday, the first thing he said after accepting the post was he will dip into his own pocket to provide new tracksuits for the players, that is a pretty decent message of intent and one thing we will attempt to do is to unite as a club and give him our full support, I know Tommy and Les will tell you that it what they both received and Wayne will get the same, money might be tight and we will certainly need value for money like never before , but we will do our best to support him and his team,. I know he is dedicated to ensuring we move forward as a team and the players will need to support events at the club to, it will all be part of the culture we are trying to create, we will see where it takes us "

"We had the choice to drop down a few divisions or live with and embrace the level we have fought hard to reach, the Commitee have decided this is where we want to be, we look forward to the future" concluded the chairman!

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