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Roger Galbraith (pictured) got off to a flyer winning his first 4 games in the opening singles section of the clubs pool marathon at the Clubhose Sportsbar.

Chairman Mick Garton lost his first two games, but then won 4 on the bounce to come into the frame while Tom Nightingale had a nightmare start repeatedly clearing up but leaving chances on the black which his opponents took advantage of.

Lou Lardi,Brian Dennett, Bob Sharpe and Bob Huckerby all called in during the first two hours to show their support for the fund raisers.

Gaz bee who had 2 wins from his first 5 games had to beat Roger in his next game to allow The chairman a share of the spoils and he pulled off a superb long black after Roger had missed twice to ensure the first tournament shared between Roger and Mick.

The media coverage following the latest break in at the club helped boost donations and their was a steady stream of people calling in throughout the day and the club is gratefull to them all, particually Sprays Transport Ltd and Nottingham Express carriers who both donated £100.

Chairman Mick Garton was having a good day on the table and won both the mini doubles tournaments with Gaz Bee and Roger Galbraith and also shared the first killer prize with Tom Nightingale.

Club captain Martin Ball and Carlton legend Ian White called in to show their support along with academy chief Wayne Scott and commitee members Chris Bailey and Tim Bee along with a number of supporters including local Headmaster Julian Wilson and Dennis.

Chairman Mick Garton took a short break to appear live on Radio Nottingham with Alan Clifford and that interview will be available on Millers Radio.

Money continued to come in with the players families arriving for the finale and the main event , the doubles between Mick and his partner Tom and Gaz and Roger went right down to the wire .

The tie was evenly poised at 1 set each but with mick and Tom leading 5-2 after brilliant clearances from first Mick at lighting speed finishing with a fantastic double and then Tom with great long potting, Last years star Gaz Bee and his new partner looked dead and buried but fuelled by alcohol , they came storming back pulling level with some fantastic power potting including a wonder 8 ball clearance in 2 minutes from Roger Gailbraith.

Theatre indeed with Gaz Bee ramping up the rectoric and the chairman clearly on the rack, but he stayed calm enough to pull off a vintage snooker and Tom finished the game in some style to win the main event and take Chappo and Gazs crown.

The club are gratefull to everyone who supported the event including the management , players and sponsors, indeed everyone who donated and after another difficult week at the club, the Chairman at least went home with a smile on his face! 

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