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Carlton Town Football club are devastated to report the death of their Vice Chairman Terry"chuck" Fowler just days before the start of the new season after his battle against cancer came to a sad conclusion yesterday(Sunday).

Chuck passed away in hospital with his loved ones by his side and although the cause of death is not yet known as Chuck had suffered many other setbacks with his health in recent weeks ,it was undoubtably the Cancer that led the way to this heart breaking conclusion.

Carlton Chairman Mick Garton had a emotional conversatation with his son Martin this morning and made it clear the club would do anything it possibly could to support the family in any way possible and told us.

"We have stood side by side for over a decade and helped build this club with the help of many others and the biggest compliment I can pay him is that I totally and utterly trusted him, he was a very loyal man , a great friend and a brilliant Vice Chairman and the way he took on and stood up to the developers when the relief road was going through the middle of our main pitch will be his biggest legacy for me, he had to oversee that whole project and he left no stone unturned in helping get the club the best deal possible"

"I will miss him, there have been a few tears today and I am sure there will be one or two more " concluded the chairman.

Club captain Martin Ball was also devastated and told us" Chucky was without doubt the nicest man in football,every player loved him and his passion for Carlton Town was unquestionable. He could put a smile on your face without saying a word."

"He has been around the club since i first arrived nearly 10 years ago and has allways made me feel welcome,he was not only the Vice Chairman but also a friend. I am sure I speak for every player that played for Carlton in saying he is going to be dearly missed,but never forgotten,come on the Town!"

Former reserve manager and  Academy manager Ian Spencer was also full of praise"I am very saddened to hear the news,Chuck was very supportive of me when I managed the reserves but was especially supportive of his babies as he used to say"The Academy", he hardly ever missed an Academy match and was allways there supporting the young lads and he used to say "come on the Town"

"Rip Chuck Fowler ,sure you will be watching a match somewhere"signed off Spen. 

Former pyschio Stuart Scott was another rocked by Chucks death "I am so sad to hear the news about Chuck" he told us, "he was one of lifes nice guys,always ready to help with any problems,a good man and a huge loss to everyone ,my thoughts gout to his family" said Scott. 

Carlton manager Les Mcjannet told us "He was a pleasure to work over the last 4 years  and is a massive loss to everyone , he gave great service to this club and my thoughts go out to his family "said Mcjannet

Final word to long serving centre half Grant Brindley who has just retired"Absolutely devastated to hear about Chuck,he will be sadly missed ,I used to love being in his company"

That remark probably summed it up perfectly , it was just over 12 months ago when a proud Vice chairman joined Chairman Mick Garton to officially open Costa Coffee in Netherfield as pictured above and he held aloft The Notts Senoir cup, that trophy win meant so much to him and Carlton retained it this year, sadly Chuck will not be around to see if Carlton can make it a hatrick, he has joined Bill Stokeld ,the club are proud to have known them both and Chuck like Bill will never be forgotten ! 


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